Cobb GOP to Serve Community Through ‘Republican Hands’

Marietta, GA (August 4, 2017) –  Saturday at the Cobb County Republican Party Monthly Breakfast, Chairman Jason Shepherd will kick-off a new initiative focused on the needs in our Cobb County community. The program called “Republican Hands” will support the core Republican principle that government should be smaller not larger, and it is up to the individuals to care for individual needs of our neighbors and not the governments. The goal is to foster a new spirit of volunteerism in the Cobb GOP between election cycles while taking care of community needs. The Table On Delk is the first organization to be highlighted by Republican Hands.
 Cobb GOP Chairman, Jason Shepherd states, “If Republicans are going to talk about government doing less, then we need to show that, as individuals, we will step up to do more.”
Cobb County Republican Party and the volunteers with The Table On Delk will partner to focus on the huge issue of human trafficking sexual exploitation in the Cobb community taking place in the Delk Road area.
The Table On Delk provides a safe place for those individuals being exploited to come rest and have a warm meal. The Cobb Republican Party volunteers will have the opportunity to work alongside other community volunteers serving meals and going into the community to invite and encourage these men and women, boys and girls, to come and have meaningful interaction with those concerned about the growing numbers of sexual exploitation in the Metro Atlanta region.
“Many people do not know this is happening right here in our own community, on Delk Road, and I believe the Cobb County Republican Party can help make a difference,” said Shepherd. “We will have a day where we will encourage our members to come out and help, or, if they cannot make it, donate to help support the organization’s efforts.”
Helping transform individuals from the vicious cycle of being sexually exploited is huge, yet the Cobb County Republican Party is not shying away from tackling this issue head on. According to an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) in January 2017, Georgia voters understood the enormous problem of sexual exploitation in the state and 83% of the voters agreed to a Constitutional Amendment requiring strip clubs and other adult businesses to contribute $5000 annually to a fund for exploited children. The Cobb County Republican party is making this personal by going face-to-face and one-in-one, reaching out, leading the charge to show that change begins at home, at our own front door, by our local Cobb Republican family.
“Each month we will highlight a charity or other community service organization in our Cobb community that can use a few extra helping hands to make an impact in our county,” said Shepherd. “This our way of giving those who may be struggling in Cobb a hand-up.”
For more information on, or to become a volunteer with Republican Hands, visit or phone Jason Shepherd at: 770-265-5268. To find out more about The Table On Delk, visit:
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