Left-winged Conspiracies and Skulduggery Targets Cobb GOP

Kevin Foley in his March 16 op-ed is correct when he says, “Conspiracy theorists see skulduggery under every bed and black government helicopters overhead.”  

 Given the conspiracy theory he pushed in that op-ed, “Cobb GOP official pushes ‘fake shooting’ conspiracy”, he’s probably searching under beds and looking up in the sky a lot more than anyone at the Cobb County Republican Party.

 Anyone peddling the idea that the leadership of the Cobb GOP thinks Parkland (or any other school shooting for that matter) is fake, deserves an award as the conspiracy “Kook of the Year.” If you don’t believe that, you have to look no further than the pages of the Marietta Daily Journal.

Multiple times I have talked to this paper about ways our Cobb students can honor the victims of Parkland without disrupting class, just like the students at Walton High School did. The Cobb GOP has also honored the Parkland victims with memorials to the victims in moments of silence and in prayer at Party functions.

Sure, Mr. Foley may get his news from left-winged blogs like DailyKos which push insane theories suggesting 9-11 was an “inside job,” the Russians actually stole the 2016 election (not just meddled), and the Cobb GOP doesn’t believe school shootings happen, but one would think he wouldn’t actually repeat such rubbish. Would he? Sadly, the same person who wrote in the MDJ that the GOP tax cuts, which have provided much needed tax relief to millions of Americans, are “the biggest tax scam in history” (Nov. 30, 2017) has chosen to do just that and, in the process, defame an officer of the Cobb GOP by falsely stating he was pushing a vile and repugnant conspiracy theory. The only thing more unbelievable was that it was actually printed.

Republicans believe America needs sensible solutions, actions, and reforms that will actually keep our children safe, not knee-jerked, emotional overreactions like Mr. Foley and his ilk push which will not work and will only further endanger our children. The Columbine massacre happened when federal law prohibited the sale of so-called “assault weapons.” And if bans do not work to keep illegal drugs out of our schools, what makes them think that a ban will somehow keep illegal guns out of our schools?

 As said in the MDJ on March 12 (“Student walkouts planned Wednesday”), we should see HIPAA laws reformed so would-be gun owners with mental health issues are flagged, and also doing away with sealing juveniles’ criminal records when it comes to the FBI background checks so teens with histories of violence as juveniles aren’t able to purchase weapons as soon as they turn 18. Rather than debating these and other sensible solutions, leftists like Mr. Foley weave fantastic tales of conspiracy theories then launch them against anyone who can speak common sense to their nonsense in order to achieve their true goal; repealing the 2nd Amendment and de-arming law-abiding Americans.

 They say you only get flak when you’re over the target. Apparently, the Cobb GOP and the voice we are giving to tens of thousands of Cobb voters who cherish their Constitutional rights hits a little too close to home for leftists like Mr. Foley. Otherwise, why else would he shoot flak while raising a “false flag” against his political opponents? Must just be his brand of skulduggery. 

 Jason Shepherd

Chairman, Cobb County Republican Party