Chairman’s Corner: Rascally Republicans

Chairman’s Corner
by Jason Shepherd
You may have heard us rascally Republicans are at it again, this time in Randolph County where we Republicans, and especially our nominee for Governor, Brian Kemp, are eliminating voting locations.
Voting rights activists are descending on Randolph County demanding answers, Democratic candidate for Governor Stacey Abrams and Democratic Party of Georgia Chairman Dubose Porter are releasing statements attacking Kemp and the GOP for this outrage.
However, even the Democrats have to admit the decision was made by the Randolph County Board of Elections. In Randolph County, the Board of Election members are all appointed by the County Commission.
Obviously, the Republican Board of Commissioners and their minions on the Board of Elections are behind this outrage and are working under the direction of Brian Kemp.
So let’s meet the Randolph County Board of Commissioners:
Of course there is Republican Jimmy Bradley and Republican Lamar White. Then there is Republican Wesley Williams…oh wait, he’s a Democrat. So are Commissioners  Stephen Jackson and  Jimmy Allen.
I may only be a lawyer, but doesn’t three Democrats to two Republicans means the Board of Commissioners is Democratic controlled?
Why isn’t this fact not in the news?
Well, maybe it’s just a fluke the Democrats control the County Commission, except that in Randolph County, in addition to the Board of Commissioners, the Tax Commissioner, Sheriff, and Clerk of the Superior Court are all Democrats!
The Democrats and their allies in the press seem to be forgetting this tiny fact. What’s more, the best tie they can make between the decision of the DEMOCRAT BOARD OF ELECTIONS appointed by the DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED Board of Commissioners is that a consultant who made a contribution to Brian Kemp’s campaign made a recommendation that Randolph County certainly didn’t have to take.
Even the AJC is reporting Brian Kemp has said he has no role in the decision and has not recommended to the DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED Randolph County that they eliminate half of their voting locations.
When Democrats and the press attack Republicans for decisions made by Democrats and hide the fact that the decision was solely in the hands of Democrats, that’s what is truly OUTRAGEOUS! 
Yours in freedom,
Jason Shepherd
Chairman, Cobb County Republican Party