Chairman’s Corner: A bit of political potpourri – Randolph County, National Debt, and Socialist Democrat Economics.

Chairman’s Corner
by Jason Shepherd
A bit of political potpourri.
First off, there has been a development in Randolph County.
Apparently the weeks of lobbying by the Democratic Party of Georgia, Stacey Abrams’s campaign, and a whole host of left-leaning groups has paid off…dare I say…BIGLY! The Democratic controlled Randolph County Board of Elections has voted NOT to consolidate their precincts.
I would like to congratulate GA Democrats for winning their crusade against the Randolph County Democrats who were trying to close the few Republican precincts in Randolph County…OH WAIT, that’s right, the precincts destined for the chopping block were precincts the GOP typically won.
From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU Democrats…because of your efforts, the minority of Republican voters in Randolph County will continue to have easier access to the polls to vote on election day.
Secondly, I want to take a moment to talk about the debt and the deficit…yeah, I know, I’ve now lost all but about three people on our email list, but hopefully you’re one of those three and are sticking with me!
I’m sure you’ve heard the Democrats state that we need to repeal the Trump tax cuts because they are blowing a TRILLION DOLLAR hole in the deficit and will add trillions more to the national debt.
According to the Democrats, even if Stacey Abrams PAID all of her back taxes to the IRS instead of giving it to her own campaign for governor, it would do nothing to fix the new deficit created by the Trump Tax Cut.
Time to raise taxes again (of course Democrats don’t care if taxes go up, they don’t pay them anyway…right Stacey?)!
However, actual numbers (things that scare the naysayers on the left) tell a completely different story.
YTD June 2017, the federal government had collected $1,199,238,000,000 in individual income taxes and had a total tax collection of $2,507,820,000,000.
YTD June 2018, after the massive Trump Tax Cut, the federal government has collected $1,305,490,000,000 in individual income taxes and had a total tax collection or $2,540,804,000,000, an increase of $32.984 billion.
That means the federal government brought in $1,045.70 MORE every second of every hour of every day than they did last year.
Still, somehow, all we hear is how the debt is increasing because of the Trump tax cuts.

Investors Business Daily hit th at issue in April, ” The CBO claims that the  economy  will experience only 1.9% annual growth for the next decade. (This is up a smidgeon from its 1.8% prediction at the start of the Trump presidency.) To be fair, CBO’s growth estimate is in line with most of the blue-chip forecasters’ estimates.  But that prediction makes no sense. GDP growth averaged 1.95 % annually under Obama – and nearly everything he did on the economy was anti-growth.”

But with the wealth of economic prowess that can be found in today’s Democratic Congressional leadership, including their new rising star, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (did you know she has a bachelor’s degree in economics? If not, wait, she will remind you), it’s no wonder that they would on one hand call the Trump Tax Cut “crumbs” and then accuse these very same “crumbs” of threatening the entire financial health of the United States.
Some more of that economic prowess can be found in the video below.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Economic Genius
Finally, we are excited to announce that the 2018 Cobb Republican Victory Center will be open starting next Saturday, September 1 at Cobb GOP Headquarters!
We will have staff on hand so you can come make phone calls for all of our GOP Candidate, get door-to-door materials, yard signs, and more!
Stay tuned to your email and the Cobb GOP Facebook page for more information, including about specific days and times to volunteer for specific candidates.
Yours always in freedom,
Jason Shepherd
Chairman, Cobb County Republican Party