Chairman’s Corner: Mr. Kavanaugh Goes to Washington

by Jason Shepherd
29 days until Election Day.
In the 1939 Frank Capra classic movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, newly appointed Senator Jefferson Smith (Jimmy Stewart) is falsely accused by the political machine back home run by Boss Jim Taylor, of corruption, bribery, and everything but sexual assault when he was in high school. The political machine controlled the press which fed the lies about Smith to his constituents, controlling the narrative and refusing to let any evidence that would exonerate the Senator get through to the people.
When his supporters, those who knew him best, went out and championed his cause, they were intimidated, bullied, harassed, and even assaulted. To stop the Senate from expelling him on these false charges, Senator Smith does the only thing he can do – filibuster the debate on his own removal. 
At the end, thousands of letters are delivered to the Senate floor calling for Smith’s removal…not one in support. Exhausted from speaking for hours, even through the night, discouraged by the thousands of letters against him, he directs his final words (the clip below) towards the senior senator from his state, Senator Joseph Paine (Claude Rains), a loyal part of the corrupt political machine that’s destroying the good name Smith has spent his whole life building. 
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Speech
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Speech
Like Jefferson Smith, Judge Brett Kavanaugh has now come into the United States Senate and has had to then defend his good name and reputation against accusations levied against him by the Democratic Party, the modern-day Taylor Machine.
False allegations trumpeted by United States Senators blinded by partisanship and more drunk on the prospect of returning to power (God, I too hope they never get it) than Brett Kavanaugh ever was at any high school party in 1982.
Allegations that were then repeated by an all-too-willing media, and, just like that, a man’s entire life’s work and reputation are tarnished and smeared, perhaps forever.
While those on the left might watch Smith’s passionate defense of his own innocence and cheer, when they see Brett Kavanaugh’s same passionate defense of his good name, they jeer and claim it’s further proof he does not have the “temperament” to be on the U.S. Supreme Court. 
Kavanaugh has all the temperament he needs. I wouldn’t want anyone on the Court who wouldn’t passionately champion the American idea that a person is innocent until proven guilty, even if the one he is passionately defending is himself.
At the end of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Smith’s name is only cleared when, in a moment of revelation and experiencing a crisis of conscience, Senator Paine tries to kill himself and, when stopped, runs screaming back into the U.S. Senate demanding that he be expelled admitting everything Jefferson Smith said about him and the Taylor Machine is true. 
If only real life were that simple. If only the villains came clean and those falsely accused were vindicated. We won’t hold our breath waiting for Senator Diane Feinstein to have a moment like Senator Joseph Paine.
Sadly, real life is more like the book and movie To Kill a Mockingbird. There, attorney Atticus Finch loses the defense of Tom Robinson, a black man who, in 1930’s Alabama, was clearly falsely accused of the rape of a white woman, Mayella Ewell, a rape that a physical disability would have made impossible for him to commit.
Finch protects Robinson when a pre-trial lynch mob tries to remove him from the jail to kill him, but, after the guilty verdict, he cannot protect him and word comes back to Finch that Robinson is killed, allegedly trying to escape, a claim that seems all too convenient after the lynch mob and the clearly biased verdict.
Mayella Ewell was fine to see Tom Robinson go to prison for something she knew was not true. There was never a time when she, like Senator Paine, confessed. In fact, Mayella Ewell’s father seeks violence and revenge. He attacks Atticus Finch’s two children, however, his justice is swift as the reclusive neighbour Boo Radley kills Ewell with his own knife and saves the children.
Today we see the left seeking the same violence. We cannot forget the crazed left-winged activist who took shots at Republican Congressmen, including our own Congressman Barry Loudermilk, and seriously injuring Steve Scalise of Louisiana, or Congresswoman Maxine Waters’s call for more violence.
Still, Kavanaugh’s confirmation has brought a new round of insanity from protesters actually clawing at the bronze doors of the U.S. Supreme Court, as my friend Emily Zanotti points out in The Daily Wire, to calls for violence from the likes of even Georgetown University professors.
However, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert  writer Ariel Dumasmay have given the left’s real epitaph of the Kavanaugh confirmation when she tweeted (and soon deleted)

As I said in the beginning…29 days until the election.