Chairman’s Corner: 22 Days

22 days until Election Day.
2018 is a mid-term election year. Typically, in mid-term years, the party that has the White House will lose. That means, if history is any guide, Republicans are on the defensive this year.
However, politics have been anything but typical these last few years.
One thing that is certain though is votes. We know that Stacey Abrams and the Democratic Party of Georgia has been running a very aggressive absentee ballot campaign mailing out millions of absentee voter request cards.
They know we are not mailing out millions of absentee voter request cards.
The result has been obvious. According to the website, so far in 2018, 52,968 Georgia voters have cast their votes by turning in their absentee ballots. This is a 127.8% increase over four years ago.
Why does that matter?
In Presidential election years, like 2016, approximately 70-80% of registered voters vote. In mid-term election years, like 2014 and 2018, only about half of registered voters vote in the election.
In Cobb County in 2014, only 214,490 votes were cast. This was 53.35% of Cobb’s registered voters. In 2016, 335,466 voters cast ballots. That was 79.09% of Cobb’s registered voters.
This is important because if only 53.35% of Republicans vote in Cobb in 2018 and 79.09% of Democrats show up, Cobb’s Republicans will be washed away in the Blue Wave simply because good Republicans stayed home and did not vote.
While I do not think that 79.09% of Cobb’s Democratic voters will vote in the next 22 days, what if it’s 58% or 60%? Lower than in 2016, but higher than a typical midterm election.
As I said, statewide, the absentee ballots being returned are more than double what they were four years ago. And in Cobb County, the numbers are even higher.
In Cobb County, absentee voting has jumped by nearly 285%!
While most of these voters, nearly 60%, early voted two years ago or did not early vote, but are doing so this year, over 40% of these early voters in Cobb are new voters.
And history and demographics suggest they are not Republican Voters!
If 285% of Democratic voters in Cobb show up on Election day versus Republican, the result can be catastrophic for Georgia.
As my Georgia Bulldogs found out this weekend, once you get behind, it’s hard to catch up.
We will have elected a Governor who wants to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), leaving our borders not only vulnerable to illegal aliens but human traffickers and drug smugglers as well, all while encouraging illegal immigrants to voteAll of this while falsely accusing Brian Kemp of voter suppression.
We will have a Lt. Governor who attacks Republicans as racist and sexist while her own company is being sued for racial and gender discrimination.
But if we are going to win, we need your help.
That’s why the Cobb GOP has created the “Keep Choppin” Pledge.
Take a minute to pledge to give just 10 volunteer hours between now and the election day to help our Republican candidates in Cobb and Statewide get elected.
Pledge to vote early or on Election Day.
Pledge to get your friends and family to take the pledge too.

It doesn’t take much for us to finish the drill and win in November.
And there are just 22 days left.