For Immediate Release: Cobb Democratic State Rep Hiding Shocking Past of Violence Against Women

Cobb GOP Chairman Calls on Rep. Smith to Withdraw from Ballot

“While they were arguing, Mr. Smith pushed her with [their] son in her arms.” – From Police Report 4/11/2007 Case #07-0494491


Marietta, Georgia – Cobb GOP Chairman Jason Shepherd is calling on Democrat State Representative Michael Andre Smith to withdraw from the ballot after shocking allegations recently came to light involving Rep. Smith’s two incidents, one resulting in an arrest, for attacking his then girlfriend. One incident occurred in Kennesaw in 2006 and the other in Marietta in 2007.
From the Police Report Case Number 07-49449:


Mugshot from Georgia State Representative Michael Smith’s arrest.

The publicly available police reports detail Rep. Michael Smith in one incident allegedly pushing his girlfriend while she was holding the couple’s baby, and in a separate incident breaking the passenger side window of his girlfriend’s car. Smith married his accuser soon after the last arrest. (Rep. Michael Smith’s booking photo (left) can also be downloaded below2).

Cobb GOP Chairman Jason Shepherd states, “In light of the serious nature of multiple allegations and the history of physical violence against his girlfriend that appear on Mr. Smith’s record, voters and the public should know who it is that is representing them in the Georgia House. Georgia women deserve a Representative who will champion their rights, not a Representative who, according to police reports, not only knocked over a woman holding her baby but broke the window of her car when she wouldn’t give him money. This type of behavior is unacceptable and Mr Smith needs to immediately withdraw from the election.”
As a result of the 2006 incident, Judge Lewis ordered Mr. Smith to, “STAY AWAY, ABSOLUTELY, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, BY PERSON, TELEPHONE, MESSENGER OR ANY OTHER MEANS OF COMMUNICATION” with the victim, and reminded him that any contact whatsoever may subject him “TO A SEPARATE PROSECUTION FOR THE FELONY OFFENSE OF AGGRAVATED STALKING.”3
According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), in 2013, 29,779 Georgia women accessed domestic violence services. In Cobb County, the 24-hour crisis hotline is 770.427.3390. However, anyone facing immediate danger should call 911.
“On one hand we have seen a nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court deeply scrutinized and questioned publicly about things he was never arrested for and happened decades ago; while on the other hand, right here in Cobb County, we have a Democratic State Representative who, according to police reports, seems to have freely admitted that he followed his girlfriend to her car demanding money and then broke the passenger side window of her car,” added Shepherd. “Violence against women is a serious issue, and Mr. Smith has some serious explaining to do. I stand with his opponent, DeAnna Harris, a survivor of domestic abuse. She can tell you this is a very serious matter. As a public official, he needs to answer for these allegations and immediately withdraw his candidacy.”
The general election date is November 6, 2018. Early voting begins Monday, October 15. Go to for more information.