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Chairman’s Corner: Look ma! No Hands!

By Jason ShepherdAfter a brief newsletter hiatus as we switched administration, we are back with our regular weekly news of Cobb County Republican and conservative events and news. Plus, thanks to the Mueller Report, we no longer have to worry about the left’s claims of “Russian Collusion” in our monthly breakfast programs. This past week Vice-President Mike…

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Chairman’s Corner: Demand to know where Cobb Democrats stand on gangs.

BY JASON SHEPHERD They go by street names like “Baby Active,” “No Good,” “Ant Loc”, “Active,” “Gooch,” Baby Vo,” and “Crash.”  One defendant resisted arrest at Osborne High School, striking two officers. His bookbag contained marijuana packaged for distribution. As he ran from officers on campus, fellow gang members picked him up in a vehicle. Two…

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