Chairman’s Corner: Look ma! No Hands!

By Jason Shepherd
After a brief newsletter hiatus as we switched administration, we are back with our regular weekly news of Cobb County Republican and conservative events and news. Plus, thanks to the Mueller Report, we no longer have to worry about the left’s claims of “Russian Collusion” in our monthly breakfast programs. This past week Vice-President Mike Pence visited Atlanta and blasted Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms for ousting ICE from the Atlanta City Jail. While Mayor Bottoms’s decision was a blow for those of us who believe our immigration laws should be enforced, her decision did free up needed space for incoming former officials of Kasim Reed’s administration.

If that wasn’t enough Democrat shenanigans for the week, 11Alive is reporting that 33-year-old sophomore Democrat State Rep. Sam Park (D-Lawrenceville) was caught alone in the HOV lane and, despite being a lawyer, apparently confused about the “Hands Free” law as both of his hands were on his phone and his steering wheel was apparently being operated “hands free.”

Finally, I want to thank the delegates of the Cobb County Republican Convention for giving me, John Hightower, Jim Boyd, and Bud Urich a second term and electing the rest of the team, Kim Sherk, Scott Sweeney, Bernard Reynolds, and Pamela Alayon.There is a lot of work that needs to be done to beat the Democrats in 2020, and that work has already begun. 2020 will be the toughest election we have seen in Georgia in almost two decades. 2018 was just a taste, but with Brad Raffensperger’s Cobb victory in the runoff, we saw something the Democrats do not want us to believe…that Cobb’s not blue yet and we have the opportunity to turn the ship around.We will need each and every precinct, house district, and county officer focused on one singular task…to get out every single Cobb County Republican voter in 2020!2019 will be dedicated to training and organizing the best volunteer grassroots political team in the state so when the time comes, everyone will know what their role is and how to execute it flawlessly in 2020.