Reserve the Cobb County GOP Headquarters

The Cobb County Republican Party Headquarters is the perfect place to host a meeting or event while supporting the efforts of the Republican Party and conservative values. With over 4,000 square feet of space, a kitchen, and a reception area, we can accommodate a seminar or dinner.

Dues paid members of the Cobb County Republican Party can reserve the space for just a low facility fee. Bookings are in 2-hour increments.

For a meeting of 10 or less, you can reserve the conference room for $15 an hour (minimum of 2 hours).

For larger groups from a dozen to over 100, the Chairman Sue Everhart Events Center is the perfect place to host a speaker or a dinner. The facility fee rate for the room is $25 an hour (minimum of 2 hours).

If you need to use the full facility, the facility fee rate for the headquarters is $35 an hour (minimum of 2 hours).

Our reservation system will automatically show if your date and time is available. Once you have selected the room, time, and date, your event will be reviewed and you will receive confirmation within two business days. If you don’t receive confirmation by that time, then you may consider your reservation as confirmed. Upon completion of the rental, the space must be clean or an additional cleaning fee may be assessed. The facility should be left clean and in good order after your event.

As the primary goal of the Republican Party is to elect Republican candidates, the Cobb County Republican Party reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any event if the space is needed for official party business. By submitting your request, you agree to abide by all terms and conditions

If you would like to host a regularly scheduled and reoccurring event, please contact us for special consideration.

Official allied organizations of the Republican Party, including, but not limited to, Congressional District Committees, Cobb County Teenage Republicans, Young Republicans, Cobb Republican Women’s Club, Cobb County Republican Assembly, etc., are exempt from fees. 

You can also contact Treasurer Jim Boyd at for more information.