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Chairman’s Corner: A bit of political potpourri – Randolph County, National Debt, and Socialist Democrat Economics.

Chairman’s Corner by Jason Shepherd   A bit of political potpourri. First off, there has been a development in Randolph County. Apparently the weeks of lobbying by the Democratic Party of Georgia, Stacey Abrams’s campaign, and a whole host of left-leaning groups has paid off…dare I say…BIGLY! The Democratic controlled Randolph County Board of Elections…

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Chairman’s Corner: Rascally Republicans

Chairman’s Corner by Jason Shepherd   You may have heard us rascally Republicans are at it again, this time in Randolph County where we Republicans, and especially our nominee for Governor, Brian Kemp, are eliminating voting locations. Voting rights activists are descending on Randolph County demanding answers, Democratic candidate for Governor Stacey Abrams and Democratic Party of Georgia…

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AROUND TOWN: Cobb GOP to County Government: keep taxes low

THE COBB GOP on Tuesday passed a resolution prompted by Cobb Chairman Mike Boyce’s plan to increase the county’s tax rate that not only encourages the commission to keep taxes low, but to lower them further. The resolution points out that the majority of commissioners identify as Republican, “a party whose platform endorses fiscal restraint and free market…

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