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Cobb County Young Republican Meeting

This month, CYR is welcoming the Publisher of GeorgiaPol.com, Charlie Harper! While Republicans in the 90’s were taking control of Congress for the first time in a generation, Charlie was helping the Republican Party build its presence in Georgia as a “member of the grassroots, an officer of the county party, an occasional delegate to District and State Conventions, a campaign operative, and even as a candidate.” After Republicans took control of the White House in 2001, Charlie began to step away from the political world, feeling that many of his goals as a party activist had been realized. However, in the later 2000s, an anonymous voice began to arise from the local blogosphere. Known only as the alias “Icarus,” this wisecracking figure refused to discuss his or her occupation, education, or any other personal details. Instead, this voice explored ideas where they must live or die: on the basis of their own merit. This anonymous figure discovered “that by stripping away most other labels – Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative – that people of differing ideologies can come together and discuss pragmatic solutions and find common ground.” In 2009, the veil was finally drawn back, and Charlie Harper announced to the world that he was the voice behind Icarus. Charlie rose to the rank of Editor-In-Chief of the high-profile Georgia politics blog where Icarus had risen from obscurity, and in 2016, Charlie spearheaded the launch of GeorgiaPol.com, where he still serves as Publisher. Join us Wednesday, April 17th, as we welcome Charlie “Icarus” Harper!

Also, we hope you’ll become a lifetime member and continue joining us monthly. You’ll have a chance to meet some of your closest representatives and involve yourself in the political process. We look forward to seeing you at the House of Lu in the Marietta Square! Because House of Lu is graciously offering to host us, we’d like to encourage you to plan on having a meal or a few drinks with us. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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