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Republican Hands Volunteer at the Table on Delk

The Table on Delk provides a safe place for those who are being sexually exploited to have a meal and make meaningful connections with volunteers who desire to show them the Father’s love. By showing them His love through genuine interactions, telling them that their lives do matter and that He has a plan and purpose for them, some of those we serve will take steps toward healing and restoration.

Each Saturday from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM, The Table on Delk will provide a meal and a safe place for victims to rest. It’s the little things like “What kind of pancake would you like?” or “Which coffee mug would you like to use?” that will begin to show them they do have choices – ultimately, the choice to believe the truth that they were made for more than this and to break free from their current lifestyle. Over time, elements of worship and discipleship will be added but never forced.

The goal is to bring about transformation one life at a time. By showing God’s love in action, we believe that The Table on Delkwill be an on ramp to other rescue ministries such as Out of Darkness. If we can facilitate a rescue of just one person and see that person come to live the life God intended for them, we know there will be a future generation transformed. We also believe that The Table on Delk can play a role, along with other ministries, to end sexual exploitation in Atlanta.

RepublicanHands.org is partnering with The Table on Delk to provide both volunteers and financial support. We need 8-10 volunteers on Saturday, August 26. If you cannot volunteer that day, you can sign up to volunteer on www.TheTableOnDelk.org or make a donation.