2018 Republican Candidates

Below are Republican candidates running in the November 6, 2018 General Election.


Brian Kemp

Lt. Governor

Geoff Duncan

Secretary of State

Brad Raffensberger

Attorney General

Chris Carr

Insurance Commissioner

Jim Beck

Agriculture Commissioner

Gary Black

State Labor Commissioner

Mark Butler

State School Superintendent

Richard Woods

Public Service Commissioner District 3

Chuck Eaton

Public Service Commissioner District 5

Tricia Pridemore

U.S. Congress District 6

Karen Handel

U.S. Congress District 11

Barry Loudermilk

U.S. Congress District 13

David Callahan

Cobb County Commission District 1

Keli Gambrill

Cobb County Commission District 3

JoAnn Birrell

Cobb County School Board Post 4

David Chastain

Cobb County School Board Post 6

Scott Sweeney

State House District 34

Bert Reeves

State House District 35

Ed Setzler

State House District 36 – Runoff July 24

Ginny Ehrhart

State House District 37

Sam Teasley

State House District 39

James “J.W.” Morrow, Jr.

State House District 40

Matt Bentley

State House District 41

Deanna Harris

State House District 43

Sharon Cooper

State House District 44

Don Parsons

State House District 45

Matt Dollar

State House District 46

John Carson

State Senate District 14

Bruce Thompson

State Senate District 32

Kay Kirkpatrick

State Senate District 37

Lindsey Tippins

State Senate District 38

Travis Klavohn

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